Short Creek Flood Of September 14 2015

Monday afternoon rain hit our little town here in short creek. Rain here is always a welcome thing and most of the town came out of their homes to witness the beauty. The rain hit harder than many of the locals have seen in decades, with hail and winds it became clear that there would be a flash flood. All citizens gathered around the river edge, mostly by the bridges, to watch the power of Mother Nature. The powerful force behind nature is one no one can predict, and it soon claimed the lives of many. After a short time someone started to realize that vehicles had been dragged into the ferocious flood. The community dropped all superficial prejudice and joined together as one community to find the missing short creek residents. Supporters from all over, worked through the night to find the missing families friends and neighbors, and clear the debris from the roads. Search and rescue are still out searching for the last two missing people. There has been many people that have shown up to help. We would like to thank Local responders, Gary Herbert the Governor of Utah. Washington County search and rescue and sheriff’s office. Mohave County, Red Cross, and so many others. 

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