19 Residential properties with improvements to be distributed by UEP

The United Effort Plan Trust intends to sell / distribute 19 parcels with improvements for a total of $1,575,171.50.  These properties have been petitioned for and have been approved UEP board.  Details listed below.

The Home built by Marco Dutson on county parcel HD-SHCR-7-13

at 660 North Central in Hildale, is being sold to Lorenzo Barlow for $98,340.70

The Home built by Chad Johnson on county parcel HD-SHCR-7-15

at 720 North Central in Hildale is being sold to Joseph Barlow for $73,414.00

The Home built by John Y. Barlow on county parcel HD-SHCR-6-16

at 740 North Hammon in Hildale is being sold to John Y. Barlow for $14,487.39

The Home built by Vernon Black on county parcel HD-SHCR-8-5

at 725 North Hildale in Hildale is being sold to Vernon Black for $13,495.89

The Home built by Raymond Jessop on county parcel HD-SHCR-1-41

at 665 North Willow in Hildale is being sold to Israel Jeffs for $80,425.94

The Home built by Newel Steed on county parcel HD-SHCR-9-21

at 880 North Canyon in Hildale is being sold to James Barlow, Jr. for $137,623.26

The Home built by Pierce Cooke on county parcel HD-SHCR-7-17

at 770 North Central in Hildale is being sold to Jody Johnson for $34,267.20

The Home built by John Jeffs on county parcel HD-SHCR-3-37

at 825 North Elm in Hildale is being sold to Ezra Black for $43,174.00

The Home built by Lawrence Steed on county parcel HD-SHCR-10-15

at 540 East Williams in Hildale is being sold to Lawrence Steed for $14,788.56

The Home built by Joe Steed and Jim Allred on county parcel HD-SHCR-9-15

at 480 East Newel in Hildale is being sold to Jim Allred for $15,360.70

The Home built by Fred Barlow on county parcel HD-SHCR-6-28

at 655 North Lauritzen in Hildale is being sold to Joan Barlow for $35,675.44

The DuPlex home built under the Direction of Fred Jessop to help with housing in the community on county parcel HD-SHCR-8-16

at 325 East Field in Hildale is being sold to Philip Jessop for $86,058.66

The Home built by Jack Knudson on county parcel HD-SHCR-7-10

at 10 East Utah in Hildale is being sold to Theral & Leyessa Dockstader for $228,247.20

The Home built for Warren Jeffs on county parcel HD-SHCR-2-5

at 980 West Field in Hildale is being sold to Briel Decker for $411,251.55

The Home built by Carl Holm Sr. on county parcel HD-SHCR-11-5

at 1085 North Carling in Hildale is being sold to Nathanial Holm for $139,863.42

The Home built by Joseph I Barlow on county parcel HD-SHCR-10-14

at 1140 North Canyon in Hildale is being sold to Charles Barlow for $35,437.52

The Home built by Alvin Fischer on county parcel HD-SHCR-2-20

at 740 North Juniper in Hildale is being sold to Lyndon Fischer for $65,571.57

The Home built by John Barlow on county parcel HD-SHCR-12-3

at 1260 North Canyon in Hildale is being sold to John Barlow for $10,208.96

The Home built by Leroy S Johnson and Bryson Roundy on county parcel HD-SHCR-10-3

at 360 East Jessop Avenue in Hildale is being sold to Nolan Barlow for $37,479.54

The public notice reads as follows, with downloads and links below.


(Dated July 19, 2016)

Public notice is hereby given that the United Effort Plan Trust (the “Trust”) intends to distribute 19 parcels of real property, specifically described on the attached Exhibit “A”, together with improvements and fixtures. A more detailed explanation of the anticipated property distribution is described in the written Notice of Intent to Distribute Property (Sixth Round), dated July 19, 2016 (“Notice”), which has been filed in the case of The United Effort Plan Trust, Case No. 053900848, in the Third Judicial District Court of Salt Lake County, State of Utah. A copy of the Notice has also been posted on the UEP website www.ueptrust.com. The Trust welcomes communications from members of the Trust’s beneficiary class. The Trust can be contacted at: 435-874-1126; 1155 North Canyon Street, Hildale, Utah 84784; PO Box 959, Hildale, Utah 84784; jeff@jeffjbarlowlaw.com.

Download PDF (Public Notice)

Download PDF (Court Filing)

More information about specific parcels can be found on the Washington County Assessor's Website and the Mohave County Assessor's Website