2016 4th of July Celebration

With this New Year, there is a bright future for our communities. The 4th of July in 2015 was so

amazing because you made it that way. It wasn’t successful because of any single person, it was everyone!!

We wanted to get an early start this year so we can be well prepared. My goal is to make this invitation

to everyone, with no exclusions. Our only request would be consideration of others in your modesty.

Bring your kindness and friendship and let’s make this another memorable day of FREEDOM in this community. 

We have set up a committee to help organize this event. We want to promote a parade. We are also

setting up an online petition to invite the Utah and Arizona Governor’s to come be guest speakers with

the hope they will accept the invitation. The event this year will be Saturday July 2nd. This would allow

them to return home for the 4th in their own community’s.

The breakfast will be free but the afternoon concessions will need to be purchased, with hopes of

the vendors pricing to be reasonable. More information will be posted in the time line as it becomes available.

We are looking forward to this year’s gathering, everyone looking after each other as friends. Let’s

make this community great.

sincerely, The planning committee.

Click here to sign our petition.

Click here to follow us on face book and to be kept updated on progress.

Donations to help make this happen should be made to https://www.gofundme.com/efqtkb9y